This open garage for boat repairing is located at Industrial Area, Al Khor, Qatar. The garage is spacious and well-lit, with a concrete floor and a high ceiling. There is a large workbench along one wall. The garage water facility which are useful for cleaning boats.

The garage is located in the centre of Industrial Area and there is plenty of parking space. The garage is also close to a number of commercial shops and restaurants, so it is easy to get supplies or grab a bite to eat.

This open garage boat repairing place would be perfect for someone who is looking to start their own boat repair business in Al Khor, Qatar. The garage is spacious and well-equipped, and it is located in a convenient location.


  •  Spacious and well-lit garage
  •  Concrete floor
  •  High ceiling
  •  Large workbench
  •  Parking space
  •  Close to shops and restaurants
  •  Located in Al Khor, Qatar


Electricity and water excluded.

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