The Al Khor 16 Labour Camp is a well-maintained and affordable accommodation option for workers in the Al Khor area. The camp is located close to major transport links and amenities, making it easy for workers to get to and from work. The camp also has a number of features that make it a comfortable and convenient place to live, including air conditioning, a shared kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Property Details:

  • Name: Al Khor 16 Labour Camp
  • Provider: Habari Real Estate
  • Type of Building: Convinient Staff/Labor Accommodation

Facility Features:

  • Number of Rooms: 16
  • Total Toilets: 16
  • No. of kitchen: 01
  • Total Floors: G+3
  • Room Size: 6X4 Sqm
  • Type of building – Solid Block

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